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November 19th is Civic Election Day in BC and the need for every British Columbian to demand greater accountability from their civic leaders is urgent. CFIB is out there on your behalf working to ensure that your voice is heard.

Municipal spending getting worse

On Monday, we released our fourth annual BC Municipal Spending Watch Report, which shows BC's municipalities are getting worse in their spending habits. Municipal operating spending, adjusted for inflation, has ballooned to nearly four times the rate of population growth in BC. CFIB is raising the price on bad public policy by releasing this data and the media is gobbling it up. Hopefully you were able to see the stories on the front pages of the Vancouver Sun and the Province, your local paper, CTV or Global.

See how your municipality stacks up

Property tax bills too high

Earlier this year, we once again brought attention to the stifling level of property taxes across BC. Business owners on average pay almost three times what residential business owners pay. This profit insensitive tax is being driven ever higher by municipal spending gone wild.

CFIB Taxpayer Pledge

Over 1000 British Columbians have asked their local candidates to take the CFIB Taxpayer Pledge. The Pledge asks candidates to commit to property tax fairness, spending restraint and support for a Municipal Auditor General.

View current candidates who have taken the Pledge

Municipal Auditor General coming soon?

The recent announcement in the Throne Speech that the BC government would introduce a Municipal Auditor General was welcome news to small businesses. CFIB has been working with the province to ensure that the office is an independent body that has the power to affect the change needed in this province. We expect to hear good news before the end of the year, please be assured CFIB is looking out for your interest.

Be heard on November 19th – Vote!

Shachi Kurl
Director of Provincial Affairs, BC & Yukon

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