District 60                                                           Area 51                                                          Club 6660  

A Visitor's Guide to Meetings: Our Programme:

Business Meeting: Members learn how to debate and run a meeting effectively.

Table Topics: Members are called upon to respond to questions with little or no preparation. This is an exercise that hones our impromptu speaking and listening skills.

Prepared Speeches: All Toastmasters work initially from the Competent Communication Manual. It consists of ten speech projects, each addressing a specific aspect of speech production and delivery. Once these are completed, there are advanced manuals, which focus on specific speaking situations.

Evaluation: This is a key component of the program. During the formal evaluation, each speaker is evaluated according to their speech objectives. This is not only valuable to the speaker, but also the evaluator. They learn critical listening skills and to provide constructive feedback, useful talents regardless of their business. 

Enhances communication skills

Provides a safe speaking audience

Improves listening skills

Builds self confidence and self esteem

Hones meeting skills

Increases opportunities for career advancement

Provides networking contacts

Develops leadership skills

Develops evaluation skills


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